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SY-600-II Double-Tank Auto Endoscope Washer-Disinfector

Scope: flexible-scope such as gastroscope, bronchoscope, laryngoscope, nasopharyngeal mirror, choledochoscope, etc.
  1. Comply with hygiene regulations and meets requirements of endoscope disinfection regulation;
  2. Auto detection during the entire process, work status on the screen display, alarm and solutions prompt for the abnormal;
  3. Auto open cover and shut by designing with pedal switch to control, avoid cross infection from using hand;
  4. Result-printing function and the sterilizing times recording;
  5. Auto sterilization separately each tank, and sterilizes the entire pipeline and filter device;
  6. Reminder for disinfection of the machine itself;
  7. Auto-filling disinfection and auto-discharging disinfection waste;
  8. Adjustable disinfection time and temperature;
  9. Two tanks can be operated separately or simultaneously;
  10. Large LCD screen showing separate tank or both tank;
  11. Multiple connector inside the tank for various brand of endoscope;
  12. Leak detection, enzyme washing, disinfectant count, dry, and final alcohol disinfection function;
  13. Disinfectant store size is only nine liters, which can save disinfection costs a lot, the disinfectants can be recycled far more times than that of similar products;
  14. Rustproof design and beautiful appearance.

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