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SY-50 Medical Air Compressor/ Endoscope Water Gun

High-pressure water/air gun are improved medical appliances for cleaning and maintenance, mainly applied to the hospital scope room, operating room, and laboratory. Through flushing and blowing air, endoscope pipe, surgical instruments and glassware are effectively drying and cleaning. It is an essential tool for medical disinfection appliances in the hospital.

Usage: Connect the pipe of the water gun to the water outlet, then open the valve to flush or spray. For different surgical instruments, you can directly replace the nozzle and control water pressure and spray angle to remove dirt thoroughly.

Professional: With eight multi-function flushing nozzles, easier to flush various flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and surgical instruments, convenient operation for the  endoscope room, and other departments in the hospital.

Convenient: Easier to use.

Fast: Quick-change connector and nozzle to improve working efficiency.

Safe: Specially designed for medical instruments.

Eight Nozzles

A. Hybrid nozzle: used for mixing other micro-solution with vacuum water pump.
B. Deep-conical nozzle: apply to narrow-mouthed glassware.
C. Pipefish-type nozzle: used for various pipes and tubes
D. Small plugging-mouth nozzle: used for the injector and trocar with Luer taper.
E. Short-conical scattered nozzle: used for catheters.
F. Silicon cover-mouth nozzle: used for catheters.
G. Shower-type nozzle: used for spraying the surface of equipment.
H. Thick plugging-mouth nozzle: used for the injector and trocar with connector.


Air guns must be equipped with special medical high-pressure air pumps or connected to positive pressure air supply provided by the hospital.

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