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SY-900 Endoscope Processing System-Washer Disinfector

Standard Set:

  1. Cleaning square sink  
  2. Cabinet and door
  3. LCD Display Screeen
  4. High-pressure water gun
  5. Controllable faucet
  6. Disinfection perfusion timer
  7. Alarm for expiration
  8. High-pressure air gun
  9. Sterile water treatment
  10. Endoscopic cleaning and disinfection process board
  11. Sterilization sink cover
  12. Endoscopic clean sponge
  13. Maintenance operation platform
  14. High pressure air pumps
  15. Multifunctional integration circuit system
  16. Special water supply and drainage system
  17. Lights (low temperature type)

Optional Configuration:

  1. Endoscope Leak Detector
  2. Endoscope Dryer
  3. Endoscope Storage Cabinet
  4. Endoscope Transport Cart
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