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SY-600-I Endoscope Processing System-Washer Disinfector (Flexible)

* Large screen display, intelligent humanized design, easy to operate

* Endoscopy for various brands of connectors

* Specially designed sink for the peracetic acid.

* Apply to all flexible scopes.

  1. Five-step method to comply with hygiene regulations and meets requirements of endoscope disinfection;
  2. Auto detection during the entire process, work status on the screen display, alarm and solutions prompt for the abnormal ;
  3. Adjustable smart system, factory setting: 13 minutes for the whole process;
  4. Leak detection, enzyme washing, disinfectant count, dry, and final alcohol disinfection function;
  5. Disinfectants: 0.1% peracetic acid;
  6. Efficient and rapid , disinfection process takes only 5 minutes;
  7. Disposable disinfectant to prevent cross infection;
  8. The total cost is lower than reusable glutaraldehyde.

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