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SY-600-I Endoscope Processing System-Washer Disinfector (Rigid)

* Professional design of the sink, greatly reducing the cost of disinfecting;

* Menu type operation, complete functions, convenient and clear

* Designed ABS material stores multiple endoscopes at one time

* Equipped with patent design seat bottom and air cushion tucked inside, nonleakage

High Efficiency: meet the national health standards;

High-Speed: sterilization under low temperature (~25 ℃), no need to heat, no damage to endoscope, and just 30-minute process;

Auto: automatic control, alarm and solutions prompt for the breakdown;

Trackable: result-printing function and the sterilizing times recording;

Convenient: disposable disinfectant;

Scientific: auto open cover and shut by designing with pedal switch to control, avoid cross infection from using hand;

Energy-saving: low cost and save energy;

Environmental-friendly: disinfectant autodecomposition

Apply to:

All hard lens and operating room sterilization;

All kinds of tubes and devices in operating room urology endoscope;

Gynecology and obstetrics hysteroscopy;

General laparoscopic, choledochoscope;

Rigid scope in minimally invasive surgical

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